New hack (Mac-only, Alpha): preview samples when browsing

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Re: New hack (Mac-only, Alpha): preview samples when browsing

Post by MTG105 » Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:58 am

This is amazing, thank you! I almost bought maschine 2 (still might actually) again just to have a good browser. A couple questions- is there anyway to have the samples play more quickly? Like in maschine when you use the encoder and can audition lots of samples very quickly, similar to 128s, it's very responsive. With this hack there seems to be a lag between the time the sample is selected and when it's played. Also is there any way to put your user folders at the top of the browse list? Having to go through all the core library crap every time is annoying. Lastly is there any way to get the browser to show the same location every time you hit browse? Like say you load a hihat from a folder, then you select the next pad and it'll take you back to the same folder? Right now it takes you back to the beginning of the browse menu and you have to wade thru all the core library stuff which is super annoying. Oh and any chance you could add a duplicate function similar to maschine's? This would make layering sounds a whole lot easier...

By the way I'd be happy to pay for you to implement this stuff, Id rather do that then buy a maschine and have to use it in conjunction with push. With this hack and ubermap push is sooo close to being perfect!


Ps- a volume control for the preview would also be nice, I have a utility on all channels at -12 db to give some headroom but there's a huge volume mismatch when using this cuz my interface volume is louder to compensate. Cheers

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