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audiomodder - komplete 10 - Push

Post by GuidoPa » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:47 pm


I got Ableton 9 live suite, Windows 8.1, Push and Audiomodder. On the forum here I found that audiomodder works fine for Komplete 9 but I wonder is it also works for Komplete 10?

I did everything like on the video here:

When I open for example absynth4/ a beautiful place everything works fine.

But with the NI racks things don't work. For instance when I try to open Battery 4 VSt/808detailed kit a window goes open and says 65 files are missing. When I ponit the search to the folder where Battery was installd first it finds the files immediatly and then opens but I loose control with the push.

In some other cases the vst opens but I get no sound or control with Psuh.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



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Re: audiomodder - komplete 10 - Push

Post by queglay » Wed May 13, 2015 7:12 am

Hey Guido, everything with Komplete 9 that is in Komplete 10 works and is supported.
I've finished batching Komplete 10 and the upgrade path will be released in a few weeks after I polish a few things.

This update will all be operated through the free komplete kontrol vst that NI give us, and will support all their default mapping, pre-configured for automation in Ableton without having to customize the parameter mappings.
You don't have to own Komplete Kontrol hardware to get the full benefit of this. Additionally komplete kontrol harware users will also be ready to automate from any preset once loaded.
Not including the others in there, just the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol database is 14000+ presets now, and its great that we have this because we get automatic parameters on a lot more of the Kontakt and Reaktor instruments now premapped for automation too. Every NI preset will be correctly labelled and categorized into Ableton's library. Anyone with or without Push will find this usefull, and anyone with komplete kontrol will also find it useful because they are ready for automation. Same goes for Maschine 2 software owners and having every kit pre routed for effects in drum racks as usual.

Please read the FAQ on battery 4 to locate your library in the right place, you can also symlink it to any other location you choose from the path described in the FAQ and the documentation.

Before Komplete 10 is done, I will also release a battery 4 update for everyone that fixes 8 corrupted presets out of the 147 that were saved out by the Ableton library incorrectly.

If there's anything further you need specifically to get help with get in touch with the included support email.
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Re: audiomodder - komplete 10 - Push

Post by landogarner » Wed May 20, 2015 12:54 pm

Good afternoon everybody.
I use this topic to ask two questions regarding AudioModder with Komplete 9.

First, I cannot find the DubWay Kit in Battery 4 in NI Racks. Did I miss something ?

Second, I wonder why Battery 4 (ask drums the NI Racks) in Ableton Live are no Drum Racks but Instruments.
I really like the Push way to work with drum racks, is it impossible to make the NI Racks to work as drum racks ?

Thanks a lot,

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