[IGNORE I'M A NOOB] Careful to check all the led lights...

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[IGNORE I'M A NOOB] Careful to check all the led lights...

Post by giacecco » Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:40 pm

Ignore this thread, I apologise I was wrong. What a great first contribution to the forum from me :-( I've realised later that the lights - when the tracks are not selected - try to mimic the colour of the track in Live. Well, back to reading the docs now :-/


See below, that's my brand new Ableton Push 2 I've received a few hours ago :(


Track 2 "Grand piano" is selected and the button underneath is - correctly - white. Track 4 is not selected, so - if I understand how this works correctly - its button should be blue as for track 1 and 3, but it is violet instead. My Push has at least two of these issues, not sure I found all of them yet. It would be nice if someone with a deep experience of the Push wrote a "shopping list" of what to check in detail and how to do it.

In most countries you have the right to return the item to the seller within the first few days from purchasing. Checking the leds one by one before being too comfortable is definitely a check to do.

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Re: Careful to check all the led lights as you buy a new Push!

Post by Ubik » Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:57 pm

The buttons are reflecting the tracks colors, nothing faulty there

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Re: [IGNORE I'M A NOOB] Careful to check all the led lights...

Post by ObtuseMoose » Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:22 pm

giacecco wrote:What a great first contribution to the forum from me, I apologise. I was wrong.
Well, don't beat yourself up over it; that's our job. :)

You actually bring up a good point. People SHOULD thoroughly test their Push 2 when they get it. The pad buttons and lights under the labeled buttons are pretty easy and obvious to test. The buttons above and below the display aren't so obvious.

An easy way to check the ones below the display is to press and hold the Fixed Length button. All the buttons below the display should light up with a dull white color except for the one that corresponds to the currently selected fixed length, which should be bright white. You can press each one to make it selected and bright white if you're not sure.

For the buttons above the display, just add 8 effects to a track and press the Device button on Push 2 with that track selected. The buttons above the display should light up in the track's color, with the currently selected device button being bright white. Press each button to select the corresponding device and make its button bright white.

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