Drum Racks + Push acting weird since 9.6

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Drum Racks + Push acting weird since 9.6

Post by boboter » Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:22 am

Hey guys,

since 9.6 I'm experiencing some strange behaviour when controlling drum racks with Push 2:

- When the midi input of the track is set to "Push" instead of "All Inputs", the track doesn't auto-arm (soft-red rec-indicator) anymore when I select it. So I have to arm it with a mouse click (dark red) in order to control the track.

- When I'm using a drum rack with more than 16 Pads and set a few drum steps on one drum-page/octave, Push's buttons keep flashing and showing those steps even when I select the next drum-page. Which obviously can get pretty confusing.

Does anyone else have these problems with drum racks?
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