Convert on Push 2 with MIDI file? No??

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Convert on Push 2 with MIDI file? No??

Post by kompletemail » Thu May 26, 2016 6:23 am

I am wanting to take my loops out of a certain "loop maker" and then take them into abketon and convert them, using Push 2, into simpler or drum racks (preferably simplers) but ableton doesn't seem to have the capabilities to convert with the sliced audio as MIDI.
also slicing to drum rack only take the loop and sets it on one pad?
what the hell that just ruins the whole flow and makes that a useless option for getting MPC style slicing.

I know you can slice to MIDI but I wish that I could not have to deal with the group tracks it will create. This kind of helps but ideally I would want to use Push 2 hardware to do this from the controller.

So far when I do it in either convert to drum rack or convert to simpler then I still don't get any MIDI pattern that mimics my original loop.

what the heck Im I missing something or is this simple not a feature yet?
seems like a no brainer that this should be included as an option.
last option is to slice everything by hand with "pad slicing on"on do it live but that would take extra time and practice and defeats the purpose of quickly converting.

One work around I found is to first convert to simpler and set to "slice mode" then get that same loop you want to slice and use "convert to MIDI" with the mouse and drag that MIDI file over to the simpler track you previously created.

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Re: Convert on Push 2 with MIDI file? No??

Post by JBSOUNDJB » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:48 am

No replies a year later, or is it elsewhere? :?:

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