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Vst Push Racks

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:14 am
by lovelight
Be a member and get the first 2 vst racks for free for your Push controller. ( Computer Magazine synths racks are free as the synths)
All you need is to have and own the VST, ive done the Push rack to them. Look through this page, ( ) where you can see whats available and ready for Push. All VST racks are made with logical and easy parameter tweaking ( not the auto midi mapping ), and easy presets browsing .some synth like Massive has a new rebuild preset bank for easy browsing on Push. All Push racks are made by They work with both version of Push. There are now 150+ vst racks for Push, they can also be used for easy midimapping to other controllers
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Re: Vst Push Racks

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:12 am
by jestermgee
All VST racks are made with logic
Oh, but I want them for Ableton, not Logic :D

Re: Vst Push Racks

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:07 am
by lovelight
:) thanks my english is not my native language, i dont know how many times ive written logic, instead of logical :)