"Fixed Length" not Working

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Re: "Fixed Length" not Working

Post by giantsteps » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:50 pm

I'm surprised by Ableton's lack of response / docs / tuts presenting the solution to this problem; as well as it being missing from the forums. The proposed solution in this thread doesn't work.

One thing that seems to be missing from every help request on this topic is the posters want to record a fixed length audio clip on Push2 upon launching scene playback. If so, here's the solution...

How to record fixed length audio clips using Push 2 upon session mode playback launch:

In Live, turn "On" Preferences>Record Warp Launch>Start Playback With Record

In Live, turn "On" Preferences>Record Warp Launch>Select on Launch

In Live, turn "On" Preferences>Record Warp Launch>Start Recording on Scene Launch

Press the Mix mode button on Push2 near the top-right corner so track labels are visible on the LCD.

Press the Session mode button near the bottom right corner of Push2 so the slip slot LED's display.

Hold down the select button at bottom right corner of Push2 and then double click the Stop Clip button near the bottom left corner of the LCD to zero the in-points of all session clips.

Navigate to display the desired record track label on the LCD and it's target clip slot on the session clip slot LEDs using the arrow buttons below the mix mode button on Push2.

Record arm the audio track containing the target clip slots by holding down the record (circle) button and then pressing the track's button (below it's LCD label) on Push2.

Hold down the Select button in the bottom right corner and then press the scene button at the left on Push2 to activate the scene containing the target record clip.

Hold down the Select button in the bottom right corner and then press the LED pad for the target record slot to activate it.

Check whether the Fixed Length button is flashing. If so it's active so move onto the next step. If not, press it once to activate it; at which point it'll start flashing.

Hold down the Fixed Length button and then the button below the LCD corresponding to the desired clip length. As a precaution, if it's already selected; select any other time option and then the one you want again to ensure it's activated. This was an issue on Push1 but I don't remember if it's the case with Push2.

Assuming your sync, record source and record track routing is properly setup; Press the target clip slot LED pad to launch playback and record a fixed length audio clip into said slot. At this point if desired, you can press other empty slot LED's on the same track and / or other scene buttons with empty slots for said track to keep recording new clips on that track.

It would seem obvious the efficient way to do this would be activating the Fixed Length feature, setting it to the desired length and recording fixed length clips into any session slot upon playback start without having to pre-select tracks and clips as long as prefs are set to start record on playback and scene launch.

Why this isn't so obvious to Ableton is they aren't focused on production as much as live performance. Too bad since one of Ableton's greatest creative offerings is a non-linear approach to production. Live performers spontaneously record and sample fixed length clips during playback; producers want to start recording fixed length clips upon launching playback - because they don't want things like sustain, reverb and / or effects tails carrying over from the end of the same or preceding clip.

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Re: "Fixed Length" not Working -> THE ACTUAL FIX

Post by sasori7 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:45 am

Push the fixed length button until its 'pulsing'; flashing on and off. Push it again and you'll see that it's not doing that anymore.
So, even if you've selected the length, you still have to ensure that the Fixed Length button is actually pulsing.

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Re: "Fixed Length" not Working

Post by Boling » Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:15 am

So... I'm guessing this won't work with Push 1

I've tried everything in this thread, until that last post when it started to mention buttons that are not on Push 1.

Do I need to get push two to get fixed length to work?

Or Live 10? As I'm still on Live 9. Or both?

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Re: "Fixed Length" not Working

Post by thunderkyss » Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:28 pm

I know it’s been a minute, but I want to confirm, fixed length does not work in Abelton 9 with Push 1.

I hold down the “Fixed Length” button & it never flashes.

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