Push 2 Connects too Ableton but screen stays blank

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Re: Push 2 Connects too Ableton but screen stays blank

Post by miyaru » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:05 am

Stromkraft wrote:
miyaru wrote:Is your graphic card capable of OpenGL 3.0 or higher? Could be a problem.

Mine ain't and often I have to deselect and select the push 2 again in the prefs menu to get it working.

Also decoupling usb while live is running causes problems, I start Push2 before Live and switch it of after Live is stopped.
Are you saying Push 2 uses the graphics card for the display image? I think this is not so.

If it is, then one must ask why the displayprocess in the CPU takes so much power.
This is what I read on another forum on the web...... Maybe not with a Mac, maybe a Mac has to calculate it with it's CPU - I don't know. Win PC's don't take much CPU power for Push2 at all, so it could be that I'm right. All I know is that it made no changes at all for resources, when I bought and connected Push2.
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Re: Push 2 Connects too Ableton but screen stays blank

Post by TekMonki » Tue May 02, 2017 12:12 am

Just to update - ultimately replacing the KA6 with a Focusrite resolved the Push 2 freezing/Ableton slowness. Not sure how it caused the issue ultimately, and NI support recommended I wipe/reinstall Windows (ugh, thankfully didn't), but again, replacing it cured the problem right away. Now back to music making!!

Hope what I posted maybe helps someone out if/when they run into this.

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