Most "push friendly" vsts ( even with preditor )

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Most "push friendly" vsts ( even with preditor )

Post by yonhorizon » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:46 pm

Hello, thought to make a sharing thread of your favorite vsts to use with push.
As many vst have many parameters, those with less parameters are more "friendly" for push, cause you can stay with push and dont go back to the mouse.

Also , Im missing some kind of granular tool that can be used on push only.
Cause i use alot of samples , and didnt manage to find something that can manipulate them to extent of granular that can be used in push stand alone. OT, i think omnisphere has the most "warm" sample mangling sound. But m4l granulator could be enough if was integrated like simpler with push.
Anyway i feel push is missing more instruments integration, although its very much capable.

So, which vst do u like to use with push, and manage to use without going back to mouse?
Or any tips regarding heavy sample mangling(granular-y) ( maybe any effects im not aware of)
Yes i have prEditor.
Thanks, cheers

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Re: Most "push friendly" vsts ( even with preditor )

Post by login » Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:14 pm

Live included ones, those are the easiesto tweak because of the ad hoc interface in Push.

From there as you wrote the less controls it has the better. U.he repro 1 is a good one, Roland Plug outs also.

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Re: Most "push friendly" vsts ( even with preditor )

Post by jestermgee » Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:36 am

I hate almost all VSTs with Push!

That is to say, I use to love them but Live desperately needs a way for us to arrange controls and rename them for use with Push. Preditor is one step but honestly is just a hack solution and Live needs to have a proper easy to manage solution.

Komplete Kontrol has replaced my Push in terms of control and automation because I can find controls I want to tweak so much easier. Some VSTs have garbage names for the parameters so seeing a screen with:
"Amp_Control_" "Amp_Control_" "Amp_Control_" "Amp_Control_"

instead of a nice :
"Amp Attack" "Amp Decay" "Amp Sustain" "Amp Release"

Push is good with lives own devices. With the ability to rename and reorder controls without spending hours creating text masks to hack it is one of my dreams for Live 10

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Re: Most "push friendly" vsts ( even with preditor )

Post by Lovelights » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:06 am

If you want to control your favorite vst with push only, join in here and get the Push vst preset racks here:

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Re: Most "push friendly" vsts ( even with preditor )

Post by Horselover Fat » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:49 am

Here is my experience. I agree that simple synths work best with Push 2. Complex ones like Absynth or Bazille are better controlled with a mouse.

So I tried a lot of the simple ones: Synth1, Tyrell N6, NI Monark, TAL Noizemaker, Podolski, Zebralette, Triple Cheese, Repro-1. All but one suffer from the bug where the Push 2 display loses sync with certain parameter values of the plug-in (like waveform, filter type, LFO speed,...) when turning a knob. Not all parameters in all plug-ins, but it's enough to render Push as a controller useless in these cases. Anyone got the ones I mentioned to work perfectly? Some people including me contacted tech support and they said it was not a priority to fix this. :(

Since only Repro-1 works great so far – with or without PrEditor or Ubermap, there must be something different in Repro-1, but also in Push's software/firmware since Live's own devices can be controlled perfectly.

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