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Overview for Push Chomatic (4th layout) Chord Progressions

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:30 pm
by phil-ip beats
Hello everyone,

im looking for an overview for Push Chord Progressions in standard (4th) chomatic mode. Is something like this out there?

thx in andvance.


after some research i find two videos, i think that is a start. if you have some other material/lessons/overviews let me and others know and post in this thread. thank you.

interesting website ... 7d318d0761

nice performance:

some chords in overview: ... te-layout/


thx to LostBeat for this:
Lostbeat wrote:Hi
I've made a downloadable PDF of a collection of chords for the push. I know some people have done something like this before but I have never seen one as comprehensive.
It includes around 15 different chords types for chromatic and in key mode.
Check it out here.

enjoy. theres a full free pdf download from

Theres also a video explanation here: