Pairing up a pair of Push 2s

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Pairing up a pair of Push 2s

Post by highcastle » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:09 am


My friend and I have been trying to pair up our Push 2s. One day, we'd like to do a few performances. We've worked out Link and managed to get our two machines playing in time but I'd like a bit of advice on how to best to handle the sound and work flow. I'm on a mac and he's on a PC.

Currently, we're just running his audio through a channel in my set. This seems a bit unsatisfactory (particularly as we have ambitions of playing live) so we've been looking at cheap mixers to handle the sound. Another issue is that parameters in my set can't effect objects in his. So for example. I can't side chain to drums in his set and his send / returns don't effect anything in my set (and visa versa).

What experiences have other Push 2 users had of linking up different sets and how have you overcome them? If a mixer is the best way forward for handling the audio, what would you recommend?


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Re: Pairing up a pair of Push 2s

Post by McAnix » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:47 pm

With my setup we have a mixture of a mixer and separate sound/amps, but depends on the genre and where you're playing. A DJ mixer would be a great option, most come with effects and have a dedicated send/return more suited to this.

To control each set's parameters I just go over to my friend's setup while he's playing and mess with his effects, but perhaps there's something like a MIDI breakout box? that can send the same messages to 2 outputs? Check it out.

Side chain, once again depends on the genre, if you're playing four to the floor/straight forward kick patterns, use sudo sidechain compression, ie, auto mate it. If it's live/complex, try sendind MIDI from one interface to the other and triggering the compressor with a cowbell or something.

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