Soundboard on overwatch via launchpad

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Soundboard on overwatch via launchpad

Post by Gandolf39 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:48 am

so i have been watching TheRealKenzo and he has been using launchpad to go through the overwatch mic but i cant figure out how to get it both through my mic and headphones at the same time so i can hear it and the other people can hear it to but i dont know how and i need help pls

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Re: Soundboard on overwatch via launchpad

Post by miyaru » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:23 pm

Mmmm, you are talking about a game here? What do you want Push to do for you here?

Maybe, slightly maybe, you are in the wrong place here, dunno though.......
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Re: Soundboard on overwatch via launchpad

Post by jestermgee » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:52 pm

I love how most kids these days start half way through their thought without actually explaining anything (such as what OS they use or what Audio hardware they have or links to what they are talking about). As if everyone knows who "TheRealKenzo" is (never heard of it) and what an overwatch does. Feel like a detective half the time trying to crack a case.

miyaru I believe is probably on the case. The kid wants to play a game and use Live and the Launchpad as a "soundboard" to spam other players when in game with clever sounds and samples. I use to do that kind of silliness 15 years ago with a MIDI keyboard.

First suggestion I would make is... please don't. As someone who plays games occasionally there is nothing funny or clever these days as having someone spamming sounds within a game. I know some youtubers think it's something clever they invented but it's one of those lame things like making prank calls in July and yelling "happy new year".

If you really feel the need to be "that player", you would need an external mixer and an audio interface that has a couple of stereo outs (preferably) and you would need to send your mic and the output from Ableton to the mixer then have the mixer combine and feed into your audio interface Input which you then set as the mic source in game. Those are the clues, you need to now investigate your solution.

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