6 month after spending more than 1100€ on Live 10 and Push 2

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6 month after spending more than 1100€ on Live 10 and Push 2

Post by bank-manager » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:17 pm

So far my music production shifted to 100% Live (before 99% Maschine 2 / Mk3 and 1% Studio One 3).

Am I happy? Far from. So much is a mess in Live. It seems whatever competitor feature has been implemented and then the devs stopped exactly there. Why do more?

Latency is ridic on a system like mine, 8 Core 4Ghz Desktop CPU, 32GB RAM, RME, external synths, you-name-it. Latency "compensation" is the even bigger joke. Like I press a button and hear a sound 1 second later. I know the way around, but it's too tedious and annoying. Then the compensation on single tracks produces plops and dropouts.

I learned Push 2 inside out - and now use it mostly for pressing "play" and "quantize". Again it seems it was built to suit marketing videos and nothing else. Compared to what Maschine Mk3 can do - it's so bad in terms of user experience. Note editing, you say what? I got better things to do than dialing for octaves and rows and then be stuck with a grid that provides little overview and makes you switch pages all the time. Just makes no sense at all.

And all the little things - like you cannot normalize a clip, seriously?

No VST3. No updates in months. No new beta. Just silence.

I could go on for hours. Would I buy again? No. I wouldn't do the switch again if it was for free.
Will I remain with Live? I kinda have to live with it right now. The Maschine Software is too limited for my needs.
I'm middle of production and can't afford switching again neither by time, money or nerves. But the disappointment is huge. Consider buying? Don't. Go Bitwig, Studio One or whatever. I know, but really - this isn't the droids your looking for.

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Re: 6 month after spending more than 1100€ on Live 10 and Push 2

Post by jestermgee » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:26 am

Yeah, my experience is 100% the complete and polar opposite of yours. No dropouts, no noticeable delay, Push is used to design beats, melodies, automate parameters. I have a Maschine Studio that prevents dust from touching my desk and has not been used outside development basically ever since Maschine software (to me) is far too limiting and clunky. Push isn't all that useful in the arrangement section tho it can be used to edit clips and patterns when needed and offers a good overview of info away from the screen. It doesn't "do" everything like Maschine "does" but Live is a far more in-depth and flexible program than Maschine which makes it hard to get anything to do everything.

You think NI is better at updates and releases than Ableton? I'm on the beta for both Live and Maschine+Komplete and the pace at which things happened with Live is far faster, not to mention replies and feedback is 10x faster with Ableton than NI. Even NI have admitted they need to focus on customer contact more and have employed (by what it seems) a few new faces to get on the forums and the beta feedback due to ghost town symptoms.

Having a 1 second latency delay with an RME interface does not sound normal nor sound live it's a Live issue. You are doing something wrong there. Are you using ASIO? What is your buffer and what is the trip time of the audio being reported? I assume you know what you are doing in those departments but I have a reported round trip time of 26mS which translates to no noticeable delay at all. I'd check what audio driver you are using

I have used Live for about 10 years now and while there are things that would be welcomed (VST3 will need to be implemented soon and sometimes I do feel the point at which audio starts to break up is a little underperforming) I find it still to be a fun and rewarding environment for getting ideas to paper. Feature wise I am not sure what you feel is lacking or unfinished.

I'm sure if you focused your rant down to actual issues you have for discussion then people might be able to assist.

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