Push 2 Workflow - on desk or floor stand?

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Push 2 Workflow - on desk or floor stand?

Post by lyons238 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:35 pm


I just ordered a Push 2 and I'm trying to decide whether I want to have it on my desk just to the side of my computer keyboard and screens OR to use a floor stand and put it to the side of my desk where I would have to turn my body to the right not looking toward the screens to use the Push. Here are my considerations but I'm hoping to hear some experience...

On Desk Pros:
- Everything is in reach with my screens in sight
- Potentially quicker workflow

- Takes up more desk space
- Not as ergonomic as an adjustable floor stand
- May not Push me to use the controller quite as much with my keyboard mouse and screens all right next to each other

On Floor Stand Pros:
- Off desk so more room
- Height, tilt, and placement adjustable
- Could potentially force me to get into the creative groove more easily and force me to do more with the push rather than in the software itself

On Floor Stand Cons:
- Workflow may be affected given I have to swivel to use the Push

So basically, I'd like to use the floor stand but I'm wondering if having the push off to the side will hurt my workflow due to not being able to switch to mouse/keyboard and screens as quickly. On the other hand I'm sure it would help my creative flow and force me to use the Push for more.


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