Push 2 track selection with more than 8 channels...

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Push 2 track selection with more than 8 channels...

Post by PaulVTX42 » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:54 pm


I just received my Push 2 and it is a revelation.

However, I do see one odd flaw - unless I'm missing something, which is almost certainly true.

When I have 8 or less channels in my project, I can navigate around in Live (sometimes it is just handy to use the mouse to do that)
and the Push 2 updates to show which channel I currently have selected. But, when I have more than 8 channels, and I happen to use Live to select a channel to either side of the 8 currently being displayed on the Push 2, while the Push 2 controls (pads and main section of the display etc) do update to show the track in question, the lower section of the display (showing 8 channels) does not jump to that channel, it stays showing the same 8 channels it previously was.

Given the actual controls and everything update correctly, it's not exactly anything that gets in the way. But, is there a way to make the lower section of the Push 2 display automatically jump to whatever channel I have selected?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Re: Push 2 track selection with more than 8 channels...

Post by S4racen » Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:53 am

You'[ve not miss anything, that workflow is not really natively supported.

If you launch a clip, you can set preferences to Select on Launch and it will jump to the track that the clip resides on...

Alternatively ClyphX Pro has Control Surface Actions which will move the focus of the Push to be the currently selected track and or scene.


Or there's MaxforLive



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