Akai MPC Beats in Ableton Live with Push 2

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Akai MPC Beats in Ableton Live with Push 2

Post by KevinK » Fri Aug 28, 2020 2:36 am

Hello everyone.

As a guy who used the Akai MPC60II (long, long ago) I was really curious when I saw the free download of MPC Beats.

Akai has a strong library for the dance music genre but I have absolutely fallen in love with the Ableton+Push 2 workflow. I am just addicted to a 64 pad, multi mode control surface.

I love that MPC Beats can be run as a plugin so I took it upon myself to see if I could get a clean integration of MPC+Ableton. It took some a bit of work but I am really happy about what I was able to achieve.
I love Ableton Live so much, you can build just about anything!

I posted a vid on YT of what it does and how it came together. Would love to get your feedback on this, I'm always trying to improve my workflow.

Hopefully this may improve yours as well.

Thanks so much!



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