Push Pedal 1 "Loop" Function with Multiple Tracks

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Push Pedal 1 "Loop" Function with Multiple Tracks

Post by MetaphysicalConsultancy » Tue Feb 16, 2021 8:40 am

I'm using Ableton 10 with the Push 1.

I think that the pedal control for record/new is potentially the best feature of the Push, but I'm frustrated that I can't use it on more than one armed track at a time.

A good example of where this would be useful: I prefer to capture both my mic'd amplifier and the clean DI signal (either for blend or to re-amp later). If I use the pedal, I only have control over one of the two tracks. That leaves me tapping the two clip buttons at once, which is obnoxious if I'm playing guitar and/or I'm on the other side of the room where my pedalboard is (My Push pedal intentionally reaches).

I even toyed with running the two into a stereo channel, but there's no easy way to break that back to two mono channels that I know of. I can use the Utility plugin to make this work okay, but it's not actually what I want for my workflow and the mic/DI aren't on a stereo pairing (and are used in other mic configurations that are stereo).

Am I missing a setting, is there a workaround (even if it's third party) or am I just stuck?

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