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Push 2 or Novation SL MK3 ?

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:11 pm
by DukeOfLizards
Been "producing" for a year now (mostly EDM/Chill House) and just started playing with hardware via the Launchkey Mini MK3 and really loved it. Invested in a Push 2 a few days ago but thinking of returning and picking up an SL MK3 49 or 61. Push seems like a great device and obviously haven't been messing with it for too long, but just feels weird without keys—and I don't even play. That being said, I'd like to slowly learn as I continue making music. I also like pretending I'm a DJ and messing with beats, knobs and filter automations as I jam into session view and then eventually record that jam into arrangement for the nitty gritty. Both of these controllers seem to do all of this well, so would love to hear any thoughts or advice as to whether one is recommended over the other for the above purposes. Especially for a relative noob like me. Thanks.