Nektar Impact LX Mini Ableton Integration (using MaxForLive)

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Nektar Impact LX Mini Ableton Integration (using MaxForLive)

Post by TimChandler » Thu Sep 08, 2022 9:30 am

Hello all,

I'm really pleased to be able to introduce Nektar Impact LX Mini integration For Ableton Live Suite. The integration has been developed entirely using MaxForLive. It's really quite fantastic the possibilities MaxForLive brings to hardware integration.

LX Mini's integration focuses on production specifically - creating, editing and reorganising clips, and selected track control with quick access to device/plugin parameters - which means you find yourself automating a lot more.

There are also some handy workflow-boosting User Options such as 'auto-arm selected track', 'auto-trim recorded clips' and 'auto-arm automation when recording'

The videos linked below demonstrate the main functions (and uses) of the integration:

OVERVIEW (mainly covers device control and creating user maps for any device/plugin)



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