Butter Party - Eat The Mushroom (w/Mike Hulme+Analogue Rmx)

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Butter Party - Eat The Mushroom (w/Mike Hulme+Analogue Rmx)

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BUTTER PARTY - EAT THE MUSHROOM with remixes from Mike Hulme & Analogue [TC008]

After a 6 month hybernation in a quiet part of the woods, Butter Party is back with another slice of bouncy tech-funk. His latest EP offers two originals, Eat The Mushroom and Beezwax. Somewhat different to his usual sawtooth-heavy leads, Eat The Mushroom opts for a more subby bassline and decorates the top-end with a whirlwind of 8-bit squeaks and LFOs. Beezwax on the other hand tears the listener a new earhole with a punishing electro beat, buzzing melody and a sawtooth that goes BBBWWWAARRRRR!

On remix duty we have production whiz Mike Hulme (aka. Introspective), who delivers a stunning techno retake on Eat The Mushroom, with some of the sexiest synth tweaking we've heard since... well, since his last remix quite frankly! Mike certainly understands peaks and troughs, and this remix leaves you scrambling for the rewind button.

Last but not least are upcoming fidget monsters Analogue! Dawson & Crin have grabbed the 2009 electro-fidget scene by the balls with their unapologetically twisted rerubs that are destroying dancefloors around the globe, and their remix of Eat The Mushroom is no exception. The original has been completely gutted, and rewubwubbed to the power of wonk! Riva Starr would be proud!

AUDIO SAMPLES - click to launch mp3

Butter Party - Eat The Mushroom (Original Mix)
Butter Party - Beezwax (Original Mix)
Butter Party - Eat The Mushroom (Mike Hulme Remix)
Butter Party - Eat The Mushroom (Analogue Remix)




"5/5 A stunning release that explores a wide spectrum of the techfunk sound. ACE!" - Rektchordz (U&A Recordings)

"Sounds siiiiick, Butter Party da man!" - Mr. No Hands (MixMag)

"Really Feeling the Mike Hulme & Analogue Remixes." - Stupid Fresh (Bombsquad Records)

"Mike Hulme mix for me!" - General Midi (All Over)

"Really nice release. The best track in the release is the Mike Hulme remix, it's so well crafted. Scrambling for the rewind button!" - Far Too Loud (Funkatech Records)

"Great release, love the originals most... heavy distorted shit!" - Fine Cut Bodies (Chi/MR2/Tilos)

"I Fucking love the tracks, wow! I will be playing these out for sure..." - Circuit Freq (Circuit Freq Records)

"Good 4/4 business. Eat The Mushroom original and Mike Hulme remixes are my favourites on this bundle!" - Kickflip (Breakin Even, Fat, Dead Famous, Rave Against Racism, NSBRadio)

"Eat The Mushroom is my preferred one! Playing this release along the summer." - Peter Paul (N-mitysound Recordings)

"Eat The Mushroom (Original Mix) is my fave. Nice chunky tech funk! Will sound huge on a system no doubt." - Reid Speed (Play Me/ Moist Music/ Media Contender)

"Beeswax is doing it for me, absolute down right dirgy filth - one for the heavier crowds for defo!" - ARROW!!! (SUPERFILTH!!!/Lot49/Future Perfect/Aux)

"Fantastic release! Mike Hulme remix is the pick of the bunch for me, ridiculously good bassline and all round techy goodness! Loving Beezwax too, with its filthy breakdown!" - Boonos (Title Fight Recordings)

"More full fat spread from the Butter Party! Much support." - Stretch (Sumo/Boxroom)

"Eat The Mushroom and Beezwax both hair tingling stuff! Mike hulme cant do no wrong in my eyes - his remix is sick! You are spoiling us!" - Hightower (Sumo/Boxroom)

"Proper feeling tracks 1 and 2 of this, will be playing them on the radio and in the clubs! :D" - Ben and Lex / Metro Boy (Beatz and Bobz/APE Music/NSB Radio/SWU Radio/Brap.fm/Phonic.fm)

"I love Eat The Mushroom (Original)." - The Scumfrog (Glam Scum International Radio)

"Strong package as always! Nasty nasty basses and massive remixes! Can't wait to play all of them LOUD!" - Benjamin Vial (Plasmapool/Future Perfect/Brap.FM)

"Great release from Butter Party!" - Projectiles (Epidemic/Brighton Breaks/High Grade/Money Shot)

"Quite like anything Butter Party does, and this is no exception. Eat The Mushroom is good, and I very much like Mike Hulme's remix. Good show sir!" - Daniella Downs (Dead Famous/Title Fight)

"Really loving the originals! And Mike killed the remix. This is a great release!" - Matthew McCurry (Lot49/Plasmapool/Broken Robot/Dead Famous/N-MitySound)

"That hibernation really paid off, with a roaring through the woods EP from Butter Party. Hulme's remix is mighty dark and Analogue remix is stomach churningly good." - Bleekster (Noise Porn)

"Solid stuff all round here, Beezwax is the pick of the bunch for me as that bass will really rattle a big rig. Will def get a rinse on the radio and in the clubs." - George 601 (601/Polar Red/NSB Radio)

"This package is full of goodies! I absolutely love the original version of Eat the Mushroom and love Mike Hulme's superb and unstoppable techno take too." - Harper (Boogie Mafia/Beats Friendly/Radio Euro/Laif magazine)

"Eat the Muchroom (Mike Hulme) is techno at its finest. Eat The Mushroom (Analogue) is sure to crush the fidget/electro dance floors." - Simpill (Bijoubeats.com)


Butter Party: Beatport | Soundcloud | Mixcloud

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