Live Session 3

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Live Session 3

Post by MrShine » Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:03 am

The next installment of the Live Sessions is due to be composed and produced on air

(Wednesday 28th ) @ 8pm on

If you're unsure as to what on earth I'm talking about, then check the bottom of this post for a small explanation :)

Wind your way over to at 8pm and on the home page click here: Image

Once you open up the next page, just type your name (no password needed ) and you'll be in the chatroom

To listen in to what's being played, click this button on the homepageImage and you'll have a new smaller window open with a built in media player which will start streaming straight away.

Alternatively to that, you can manually listen in via any media software ( Realplayer, WMP, Itunes or Winamp ) by typing this IP into the URL adresss within the software: (also works on some mobile phones I'm told )

That's it for tuning in and joining the chatroom, the rest is just sit back and enjoy the show
As for that explanation? here's a cut from the facebook page dedicated to the Live Session.


Mr Shine
Ableton is primarily a production program based software used by alot of famous producers of modern music....and me :) It uses a wealth of instruments which then allow you to shape the sounds and music to the way you want giving you the tools to push the boundaries of modern day music.

Wanting to go further into Ableton itself, i then looked at DJing with the program and what that entails using my MP3 collection of tracks i enjoy playing on my radio shows and in my mix's.

Delving deeper into Abelton i had a look around and realised that combining production and DJing brings forth a live session which can be recorded and released for listening and downloading as well.

Hang on you may think, you're just DJing with a program and chucking some samples in there as well?

Well no....I'm using the program Abelton as an INSTRUMENT...think of listening into a live orchestra or a band as they jam...all the instruments are there for me to use, it's a case of gathering them all and putting them together to produce ' tracks or a show ' on the fly :o)

The way the show will go is completely unknown until i start it...i will have abelton loaded up with samples of my own and those that come with the program, i also have the program set up in a way where i can trigger instruments/bass lines/drums/synths and all sorts of weird n wonderful sounds!

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