Redux - Acid Bomb (w/Maelstrom 601 & Butter Party Rmx)

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Redux - Acid Bomb (w/Maelstrom 601 & Butter Party Rmx)

Post by a1studmuffin » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:34 pm

Hey guys, my latest Butter Party release (100% made with Ableton!) has just come out... press release below, thanks for the support! :)


REDUX - ACID BOMB with remixes from Maelstrom, 601 and Butter Party [TC011]

We took about 2 seconds to agree signing Redux for his latest EP on Trickery Collective. A punishing dose of raw electro/techno, Redux really shows off his talents here with his peak-hour monster "Acid Bomb", and wobbly electro b-side "Girls I Like Your".

On remix duty we've called on fellow Parisian tech-funk producer Maelstrom, who turns the "Acid Bomb" party vibe up to 11 - a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

The mighty 601 (of former label Polar Red) also get in on the action and throw down a bassline/percussion rerub of "Acid Bomb" with a seriously swung beat.

Finally Trickery Collective's own Butter Party belts out a dark-as-fuck "Acid Bomb" remix that should never be listened to sober!

So much choice! Just don't drop it all at once!


Redux - Acid Bomb (Original Mix): Soundcloud | YouTube
Redux - Girls I Like Your (Original Mix): Soundcloud | YouTube
Redux - Acid Bomb (Maelstrom Remix): Soundcloud | YouTube
Redux - Acid Bomb (601 Remix): Soundcloud | YouTube
Redux - Acid Bomb (Butter Party Remix): Soundcloud | YouTube




Huge support from MixMag, Plump DJs, Elite Force, Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, JDS, General Midi, Rektchordz, Far Too Loud, Aniki, Circuit Freq, Benjamin Vial, Plaza de Funk, Peter Paul, Hexadecimal, Boonos, Sam Hell, and many many more...

"Big noisey banger, make no mistake!"
- Mr. No Hands (MixMag)

"Loving the Butter Party remix! Heads down for a full house."
- Plump DJs (Grand Hotel Records/Fabric Nightclub)

"Some good sounding bigroom shizzle on this banging package. Standout for me is the Maelstrom mix with the original a close second."
- Elite Force (U&A)

"This is a great package all round, all mixes do the job! Good work fellas."
- Meat Katie (Lot49)

"Butter Party mix for me. Slamming!"
- Dylan Rhymes (Various)

"Yeah like this aciddddd! Nice and tasty!"
- JDS (Worldwide)

"Butter Party mix is killer!"
- General Midi (Worldwide)

"Some great tracks here, but 601 really nails it! Straight into the Rekt-box."
- Rektchordz (U&A)

"A wicked package. The original of Acid Bomb is a sure fire dance floor hit."
- Far Too Loud (Funkatech Records)

"Nice EP! Loving all tracks here, some nice gritty bass always catch my attention, top of the lot is the 601 Remix! Love it! Keep em coming"
- Aniki (Wearhouse Music, Simma, Dusted Decks, U&A)

"Loving ALL of this! Especially the remixes... thanks!"
- Circuit Freq (Circuit Freq Records)

"WHAT A PACKAGE! Definitely will be playing all 5!"
- Benjamin Vial (Plasmapool, Circuit Freq Records, Erase)

"Very impressive package, so much so that I can't choose my fave mix! But very impressed by Maelstrom and 601. Original is a bomb too, cheers!"
- Plaza De Funk (Mofo Recordings)

"Big tech pack here! I'll play all mixes!"
- Peter Paul (N-mitysound, Konflict radio (Marc Fox Show))

"I really like the original mix. The Maelstrom mix is good too."
- Hexadecimal (Distinctive / Spectrum)

"Loving the Maelstrom Remix!"
- Boonos (Title Fight Recordings)

"Big thumbs up! This is an awesome package. "Girls I Like Your" is my fav track of the bunch followed closely by Butter Party's remix of Acid Bomb."
- Sam Hell (Trickery Collective/Broken Robot)

Butter Party: Beatport | Soundcloud | Mixcloud

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