Song Feedback - How to Make Clearer and More Powerful Tracks

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Song Feedback - How to Make Clearer and More Powerful Tracks

Post by clayton.dickmann » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:39 am

Hey Ya'll,

I am a newer producer just starting to finish up some of my first original tracks. My tracks still sound fairly muddy and lack the power that more professional songs have. I've tried to work a lot on layering, EQing, Compression etc. Maybe I am over doing it on those things, or maybe still not doing it enough.

Any feedback you could provide would be awesome!

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Re: Song Feedback - How to Make Clearer and More Powerful Tracks

Post by McAnix » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:49 pm

So no expert myself but just some basics that you wanna make sure off.

1st, always make sure that your kick is on the root key of the track, it sounds correct here but it's hard to tell sometimes.

2nd, any bass layering needs to follow the sub bass otherwise you are gonna end up with low interval limits (as they call it in arranging) and that sounds like it's happening here, there are some definite unwanted interval clashes going on in the low end.

3rd, Hi pass filters are your friend, any thing that is not contributing to the low end of the track should be hi passed, that low end info builds up. Don't go to hectic on them though as it can kill the body of some parts and also create an unwanted mid scoop. Also hi pass the kick and bass, you'll be surprised at how much low end info you don't actually need.

4 try to avoid EQing in the writing stage, if the sound doesn't sound good get another sound, try to leave EQing for mixing and mastering.

5 Last use volume automation when mixing, bring parts up when they need to come up and bring them down when you need other parts to take over, this needs to be done very subtly though.

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