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Ens? | Santuri Zeze | Worldbeat

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 2:58 pm
by acbarnard
This track was built using Emile Hoogenhout's excellent Santuri Safari Instrument Pack.

The track starts with a long, freeform Zeze improvisation that encompasses nearly half of the 9+ minute long piece. It’s an opportunity to hear this beautiful, detailed sample with complete clarity. Once the pulse starts, the Zeze is joined first by one of Hoogenhout’s polyphonic glass instruments, then the Ohangla drum. Three solos follow: first is the Adungu, a stringed instrument of the Alur people of northwestern Uganda; next comes the Endere flute, also of Uganda; and, finally the Zeze. The piece ends with another short freeform Zeze improvisation.

All of the parts were performed on an Ableton Push 2. The track was recorded, arranged, and mixed in Ableton Live 10 on a MacBook Pro.