1 year filled with new experience

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1 year filled with new experience

Post by tontonicsounds » Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:04 pm

Hello music lovers! (NOTE. these links are for those who enjoy EDM)

At the end of 2016 I downloaded Ableton Live 9.
One year later I released this club-friendly track on Soundcloud -> https://soundcloud.com/tontoncy/youre-n ... ing-khakis

Two month later I released this -> https://soundcloud.com/tontoncy/power

5 month ago I was just playing around when I made a mashup between daft punk and a producer called Lazy Lewis, and the result was actually pretty good -> https://soundcloud.com/tontoncy/daft-pu ... ncy-mashup

1 month ago I released a track through the label Wolf Beats Media -> https://soundcloud.com/tontoncy/ridin-high

And finally my latest track that is a bootleg of Ram Jam's Black Betty was released 5 days ago -> https://soundcloud.com/tontoncy/ram-jam ... cy-bootleg

I've submitted all my tracks to reposting channels on Soundcloud that can reach out to a larger audience, and they all have been approved, which has given me a few listeners, likes and a motivational boost to keep making more.
Right now I don't have much followers and I know by following others they will most likely follow you back. Though, I rather want to follow artists that upload their own music than people who just have accounts to listen to other peoples music.
This is one of the reasons why I'm writing here on Ableton Forums because I assume all of you reading this are music makers in some way, so please follow my Soundcloud (if you like what you hear of course) so I know you exist and I'll check out your page as well.

I love making music and it's fun when other appreciate it as well. I'm looking forward to see how it will look a year from now. New content is on its way so stay tuned folks! :D


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