mastered some old microcassette recordings

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mastered some old microcassette recordings

Post by slatepipe » Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:58 pm

last week i was looking for something in the attic and coincidentally found a microcassette of some music me and some friends had made twenty years ago, almost to the day. i had no recollection of it at the time but since listening to it it's started to come back to me. i originally used it to play some music for an art piece in a group show at stoke newington festival in 1998. it was from the time before i had even started to think about using a computer to make music and certainly before Ableton even existed (i think)

as it was almost exactly 20 years to the day from when it was made and when i actually found it i figured it made sense to digitise it and remaster it. so this remastering was done using Ableton live and T-Racks deluxe suite's prog eq and opto compressor. then just a bit of adjusting the gain for each track. i didn't want to change how they sounded too much as i wanted to preserve the lofi quality of the microcassette throughout the recordings

all the tracks are here for your listening enjoyment :

https://theslatepipebanjodraggers.bandc ... -remasters

the music is very lofi, as you'd expect from a microcassette, and improvised, ambient, experimental, weird, noise, soundscape stuff - especially the last track, which is pretty long and i think is really helped by the microcassette sound quality


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