Christmas Fairy Tale

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Christmas Fairy Tale

Post by walthamstowman » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:42 pm

Why I love Ableton Live (part 2).

Early in 2018 I wrote a Christmas song (my third in total) and it was arranged and recorded (with Cubase, I think) by a brilliant producer and musician I used to work with in London who, by 2018, had moved to Scotland, so all the instructions and discussions had to be by email or telephone.

While I originally thought the final mix was okay, the few people who listened to it were underwhelmed. The sound in the mix was quite subdued and, after a few more detached listens, even I came to the conclusion that the track didn't really seem to work.

It occurred to me recently that perhaps I could see if I could improve it with some mastering on Ableton Live. The song was already mastered by the producer so I wasn't sure that it was possible to re-master without it sounding strange. Also, the one thing that I always said to the producer back in 2018 was to add loads of bells - coz I love Xmas songs with bells. He put some on but not enough for my liking!! So the other thing I've done is add some big bells which, to me, improves the sound enormously and, indeed, probably makes the song work.

If anyone would like to listen and offer opinions as to whether the bells work and, above all, whether the overall sound is good considering the double mastering, I'd be interested to hear. Personally I love it out of my speakers, and it now sounds absolutely incredible to me, but I may be biased.

Here is the link ... fairy-tale

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