I make royalty free music

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I make royalty free music

Post by Dinklepuff » Thu Dec 03, 2020 5:46 pm

Hey friends,

I'm one of these producers who makes tracks for advertising.
You know, when you want the video you've clicked on on Youtube but some ads show up before your content? :D
Well, I make music for these ads.
But I make my tracks using Live!
My friend who's developer made me a rather cool site to showcase my tracks, Joystock

What's special about this field is that you have to be able to make music in basically any genre, from classical to electronic.
I've been told that I make good royalty free hip hop music, so this might be a good start.

Anyone else in here makes music for advertisers with Live?

Royalty free music producer at Joystock.org

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