Can I link a playlist with loops?

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Can I link a playlist with loops?

Post by MonoTeksist » Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:59 am

Also with temp or partial arrangements? I find the "sound" of a song much more important than its technical properties (like mixing/mastering quality) and I have 2 music handles with a loop-playlist that I'd like to post here.
The reason I value sound over technical "details" is that I come from the Commodore 64 era (1985 ftw!) where everything sounded basic technically but was often brilliant musically. Even now I regularly listen to sid music with my favorite sid's folder's shortcut sitting on my desktop.
I don't even mind listening to "only" 128kbps mp3s and like stuff like powernoise and industrial-type music a lot (Imminent Starvation/Synapscape/Asche/Haujobb). Kinda saying goodbye to traditional techno.
I'm not going to call any names here but some music producers on some web sites ... *sigh* ... it's like 100% pro-mixed & mastered music but with very little innovation or mixing different genres. Even when I listen to a top-50 chart there's maybe 2 or 3 songs I can appreciate, the rest is just cookie cutter stuff everyone else seems to be making. This is VERY frustrating for me.

Drifting off a bit here (I'm a scatterbrain), so back on topic: can I post these playlists here or is it better to post one song (or loop) at a time?
Thanks everybody.

PS: been making music since 1991 so I'm a bit of an old geezer (but with crazy musical ideas on an almost daily basis).

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