Longtime electronic music traveler (2 songs)

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Longtime electronic music traveler (2 songs)

Post by MonoTeksist » Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:01 am

In the 2000s I did mostly dance music, then more techno tracks and now I'm doing ... non-techno stuff mostly (although I still have a ton of techno loops I want to finish). My MonoTeksist handle is for more accessible music, while my other one is for dark, very underground and more experimental material (think industrialoid with heavy emphasis on beats).

The first one is very melodic, not my style at all but I do like to experiment and throw genres together.
https://soundcloud.com/monoteksist/mono ... runswicked

This one is a long live mix I did in a 24-hour time frame. It's more movie soundtrack-related. Not really my style either since I hardly know any music theory, it really (really) gets in my way of producing original music. I tried studying it 3 times but just had to stop, all the lingo/jargon short-circuited my brain. :)
https://soundcloud.com/monoteksist/mono ... 1-live-mix

Hope you like at least one of them, questions or tips are always welcome.

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