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Thom Yorke - [Unfinished] "Atoms for Peace" (Remix) Pt 1&2

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 9:54 pm
by DJAnyStyle
Working on a remix of my favorite song, Thom Yorke's "Atoms for Peace"

Here's Part I & II (composed as one and to be edited soon) for a listen. Definitely interested in your thoughts.

Check it out here:

Also, check in on for other remixes and projects, coming soon!

Have fun!


* All work is primarily exclusively done in Ableton.

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 4:51 pm
by pepezabala
Hi, definetly a beautiful tune. I did not listen to the original track, so I can not say too much...
The drums (bassdrum&snare) are a little bit too loud for my taste.

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 6:49 pm
by DJAnyStyle
Thanks. Definitely will be addressed in mixdown.