GM4EFL_005 Fearless 14.07.08

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GM4EFL_005 Fearless 14.07.08

Post by Electromat » Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:27 pm

GM4EFL_005 Fearless 14.07.08


Three weeks ago we released the Stockholm E.P. now we have Fearless a 3 track release from GM4EFL.

Available from Monday the 14th of July 2008. You can purchase this release and previous GM4EFL releases at both

To start off is Arkiv a different track from previous GM4EFL releases, bass heavy track which builds and breaks throughout with more of a swing to the percussion than usual.

Followed by OBS, a harder edged track but one which would sit comfortably in any GM4EFL release.

Finishing of the release we have Fearless. This track should have had a proper release a while ago, staying true to the GM4EFL sound Fealess has heavy Sci-Fi sound scapes and the typical GM4EFL percussive textures throughout.

Following on from this release in three weeks we will be releasing Innersides with a further 4 tracks by GM4EFL so keep an eye out or register at the website to be kept up to date.

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