Sam Hell - Algebra w/Bad Tempo/Benjamin Vial/Spangled Ballet

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Sam Hell - Algebra w/Bad Tempo/Benjamin Vial/Spangled Ballet

Post by a1studmuffin » Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:10 am


SAM HELL - ALGEBRA with remixes from Bad Tempo, Benjamin Vial and Spangled Ballet [TC013]

It is with much happiness and a few too many mathematical puns that we welcome Sam Hell (Fig 13.1) back to Trickery Collective for his latest homework assignment "Algebra". This track demonstrates his excellent understanding of the dance formula, and will make most punters attempt to find x.

On remix assignment we've called in Bad Tempo (Fig 13.2, Immon Talebian and Ian Andrews) who have applied a transformation on the original that results in breakbeat chaos.

Parisian Benjamin Vial (Fig 13.3) makes his cracking debut on the label with an unbounded remix that's more old-school than an abacus and showcases his irrefutable theorem of acid.

Finally we introduce Spangled Ballet (Fig 13.4, Matt Brown) who completes the square and pushes the electro lim(x -> infinity).

No more puns now, promise.



Sam Hell - Algebra (Original Mix): Soundcloud | YouTube
Sam Hell - Algebra (Bad Tempo Remix): Soundcloud | YouTube
Sam Hell - Algebra (Benjamin Vial Remix): Soundcloud | YouTube
Sam Hell - Algebra (Spangled Ballet Remix): Soundcloud | YouTube


Image ... 10/Algebra


Support from MixMag, Far Too Loud, Plump DJs, Meat Katie, General Midi, Hexadecimal, Maelstrom and many more...

"Good solid rolling electro-funk from Sammy. Remixes are on the money too."
- Mr. No Hands (MixMag)

"Nice release from Trickery Collective again! Original is cool but liking the Bad Tempo take the best."
- Far Too Loud (Funkatech)

"Original is pushing my buttons!"
- Plump DJs (Various)

"Bad Tempo mix for me. Very tasty package, as always!"
- Meat Katie (LOT49)

"Original mix is the one, like the bass riff!"
- General Midi (Worldwide)

"Digging the original! Spangled Ballet and Bad Tempo mixes are also nice, cheers!"
- Hexadecimal (Distinctive)

"Original mix is fresh, fun and fat! 10/10"
- Maelstrom (Worldwide)

"All over the Benjamin Vial remix! Solid release yet again guys."
- Paul (The Omega Men) (Sumo/Lot49/Boxroom/Techfunk Manifesto)

"All the mixes are top notch, loving thge original as well. Kick ass package!"
- Ben & Lex (Beatz and Bobz, APE Music, Functional, NSB Radio)

"Loving the Original and the Benjamin Vial remix. Will support these! 4/5"
- Mesmer (Sound of Habib, Scarcity)

"Loving the gnarly tech on the original!"
- Kickflip (Various)

"The original is probably the best thing Sam Hell has done in awhile. The Benjamin Vial mix is the super winner. Absolutely love the shit out of it."
- Daniella Downs (Dead Famous)

"I'm into the original and Bad Tempo mix, will support these! Big ups!"
- Specimen A (Funkatech records/Ibreaks/various)

"Fantastic package here! The original is the Don but all the remixes come up trumps!"
- 601 (NSB Radio/Polar Red/Rocstar)

"Original & Bad Tempo mixes are on fire! will support, big tune."
- Reid Speed (Play Me Records/Media Contender)

"Wow, loving the whole package guys."
- Circuit Freq (Circuit Freq Records)

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Re: Sam Hell - Algebra w/Bad Tempo/Benjamin Vial/Spangled Ballet

Post by drchoc » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:56 pm

I made Bad Tempo remix in Ableton 8.13 8)

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