Current Beta Version: 8.2.2b3 (updated February 15, 2011)

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Current Beta Version: 8.2.2b3 (updated February 15, 2011)

Post by Ableton_David » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:54 pm

The current beta version of Live is 8.2.2b3. Note that some of the changes to Max for Live require an update to the latest version of Max.

--Live Download--

OSX: ... _822b3.dmg

Windows: ...

--Max Download--

OSX: ... s/beta_mac

Windows: ... s/beta_win

-------------- Changelog

** Improvements and feature changes **

(Note: Some of these changes require an update to the latest version of Max, find a download link above)

- Devices inside Racks can now be accessed via the Max for Live API
- Return tracks can now be observed via the Max for Live API

Live devices and parameters can now be much more easily mapped to controls in Max devices. And devices can safely be moved within a Live Set without breaking any existing mappings. The following
changes make this possible:

- There is now a simple way to observe the selected parameter via the Max for Live API, using "live.path live_set view selected_parameter." This can be used to, for example, build a custom "map
mode" to quickly map parameters in your Live Set to controls in a Max device.
- Live objects like tracks, clips or parameters retain their identity (id nn) during operations like move, save/restore, cut/paste, delete/undo, the identity is global and can be communicated
via Max's Send and Receive objects.
- live.object, and live.remote~ are now able to remember their target objects when Live sets or presets are saved and restored or when objects are moved within the Live set.

** Bugfixes **

- Holding a note while recording a MIDI clip and stopping the transport while the note is held would result in a silent note during play back
- If a clip was in Gate Mode, releasing the trigger key within the launch quantization period would still launch the clip