Uzi | Note Repeater For Live ... M4L device now available!

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Uzi | Note Repeater For Live ... M4L device now available!

Post by theextravaganttraveller » Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:33 am

Dear music-making friends,

I wanted to let you know about a new Max For Live device - Uzi.

  • Uzi is a Max For Live note repeater that allows you to quickly perform and program complex rhythmic parts.
  • The device features an XY grid that can be divided into multiple zones, and each zone can be assigned a tempo-synced repeat interval.
  • You can control Uzi's xy with a mouse, or map it to a MIDI controller.
  • Moving horizontally triggers notes at the corresponding interval, while moving vertically controls velocity for nuanced performance.
  • You can use Free Rate mode for off-the-grid sample triggering, great for bouncy, glitchy rhythm programming.
  • Note to repeat can be set either manually in the device, or via an external MIDI controller.
A simple but powerful tool for anybody working in Ableton Live, Uzi makes rhythm programming quick and effortless.

Uzi is available for download at -
Video demonstration -

Happy music-making!

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