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Follow Action / Arrangement Position

Post by Robbybass » Wed May 27, 2015 1:39 pm

Cant find any solution for my problem:

I have 2 different Loops - First one in 4/4 and the second one is fixed to 8 Bars in 4/4 and then one single 2/4 - I start the 2nd Loop on Cue. The Problem is: After i get back to Loop 1 due to the follow action the Arrangement Position is 'uneven' because of the single 2/4 - So everytime i cue the 2nd Loop again it starts 'odd' due to the 1 Bar Quantisation (which seems related to the arrangement position).

I tried a follow Action for Loop 2 after 8.2.0 Bars, that didnt worked out
I tried to split this Loop into one normal 8 Bar Loop and one short additional 2/4 Bar, didnt worked out too.

Solutions would be:

- A way that the Arrengement Position considers this single 2/4 Bar and for instance switches from 8.2.0 (The length of Loop 2) directly to 9.0.0
- A way that the follow action for Loop 2 includes a reset of the Arrangement Position to 0.0.0

I cant find any hints to achieve this.

Big Thanks in advance!

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Re: Follow Action / Arrangement Position

Post by Asymmetricalmusic » Wed May 27, 2015 3:54 pm

I like this "Solution Would be".........but are not........Doh!

I think you just discovered the "Magic of Music" verses the "Damn Computer"

"Who will win?, Tune in next time!"

You could's.......

1. use a different clip launch quantization........

2. use arrangement view for this track, use time signature markers to make the click stay with your phrases

3. make the section play twice or the whole phrase play twice and your back on your "1"

4. use scene launch with 2/4 writen in know how you can change tempo in session with scene launch works the same way for time sig.

Good luck....

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Re: Follow Action / Arrangement Position

Post by Robbybass » Wed May 27, 2015 7:39 pm

First of all, thanks for your thoughts!

1. not working for me, i'm a bassplayer in a live situation and really need this 1 bar to not get stressed
2. all other clips work well in this view, would be too complicated to change this whole thing for one song
3. wont work, it needs to stick with the arrangement.

4. this could be heaven BUT out of some reasons this Tempo change only has effect on the arrangement count when i launch the scene manually - There is no effect when the scene is launched due to a follow up event! -> How come??!! Any thoughts on how the follow up action also gets the Tempo Change notated in the scene?

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