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Forum Community Guidelines

Post by [erm] » Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:25 pm

All forum users,

Our goal is to have these forums be a place where Ableton users can work together to solve problems, as well as share musical ideas and inspiration. We ask that everyone follow these simple guidelines:

Treat Each Other With Respect.

Keep disagreements and debates respectful and constructive. If you wouldn’t say it in person around people you don't necessarily know, then don’t post it to the Ableton forum.

Trolling, spamming, flaming, bullying, personal attacks, and “gang-up” threads are not welcome on these forums. If you’ve said your piece, don’t keep posting it in the hope of reaching a new audience.

Please note that religion and politics are out of the scope of conversation of this forum, the forums are provided for music related discussions.

When entering a thread, please pay attention to what the conversation is about, and stick to the topic at hand. Please do not reply to threads with arbitrary or random pictures, links, etc; replies must be constructive to the discussion. Feel free to start a discussion for a new topic if you can’t find it after searching through previous posts:

Keep It Legal.

Every forum member is responsible for his/her own postings in terms of illegal or copyrighted content, according to German law. Please don’t post warez/cracks, or share music that you don’t have the rights to distribute.

No sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise obscene material.


The forums are not provided as an official Ableton support outlet. If you are experiencing problems, bugs, or otherwise need Ableton’s direct support, please contact:

Users are encouraged to help each other with technical issues and problems when possible.


Any posts or threads not adhering to the guidelines above will moved, locked, or deleted immediately at the forum moderators discretion. Users who continue to disobey the guidelines will be warned privately, if they persist posting inappropriately they will be banned. All bans are permanent.

Once a user has been banned, please respect that s/he is gone and don’t mention him/her. It’s unfair to post questions or criticize someone who cannot answer.

In Other Words.

Be nice to each other, criticize constructively, and keep this forum a spirited place for discussion and debate about music related topics.

-The Ableton Team
Ableton Forum Administrator