Delete clips with MIDI?

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Delete clips with MIDI?

Post by Laimon » Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:29 am

Hi guys, I just bought Ableton Live 9 Intro that I would like to use as a guitar looper at home.
I bought the Intro as I don't need more than the basic functionality (I hope).
Anyway, I also started setting up all the MIDI controls, and the MIDI map makes it supereasy, I love it!
However, what I found no way of doing is deleting clips via MIDI. That is quite frustrating :/
A few questions in this regard:
1) well, is it possible at all?
2) I read that through OSC messages you can do some things that can't be done through MIDI messages, is this one of them? And if so, any pointers to how to input OSC messages to Ableton? (Also, does Intro accept such messages?)
3) I understand that I once I select a clip, I can press the Delete key on the keyboard to drop the clip. This can be done with software like BOME (or actually I can write something myself that does that). Yeah, this is not a question, rather a remark.
4) as an alternative to dropping the clip, is it possible to overwrite the recording? From the few experiments I did so far, it doesn't look so.
Thanks for any help! And sorry for the beginner questions :)

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Re: Delete clips with MIDI?

Post by AAdel » Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:42 am

1- Yes, with a Live compatible surface controller like Push.
2- Yes, you should write scripts, I don't know about Intro version.
3- Being a developer is a good thing, but in my experience don't try to manipulate stable digital things.
4- Yes, enable over dub on transport bar ad create a loop.
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Re: Delete clips with MIDI?

Post by TomKern » Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:12 pm

Clyph X has you covered on deleting selected clips via MIDI. (and so much more)

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Re: Delete clips with MIDI?

Post by Enorc vs Robot » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:25 pm

If you have programming ability, I would suggest you also get Max4Live. Ableton is very electro centric, not that guitarist friendly without some tweaks. For the music I create (guitar on the shoulder, bass on a mic stand, and midi pedals at my feet) I had to create several M4L devices. Now that I'm set up, I can jam out for quite a while. I have a M4L device where you can map a midi note to a record button, and when it's armed it finds the next empty slot in that track and starts recording in that track on the next "1". Then, when I step on the same pedal it stops recording on the next "1" and goes to playback, and starts automatically panning the audio to wherever it is supposed to end up. M4L is pretty awesome with ableton.

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