Hi from the Netherlands!

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Hi from the Netherlands!

Post by hydlide » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:34 pm


I am Hydlide of... (ow wait)... this is Ableton forums.

Anyway, just to keep a long story short. My real name is Edwin vd Heide most people just know me by the name of Hydlide. Been an Ableton 8 lite user since 2016 (got it when I bought my Novation LaunchPad), been a hardcore Reason user myself since 2003. But since recent events took place (upgrading my gear) I have been looking around to get on a different DAW (since well... personal reasons).

While I loved the sound design experience in Propellerhead Reason myself, I have noticed that I felt I was always left out on something. Not that I am blaming the tools, I am just blaming myself I never explored beyond the horizon myself.

Since lately I have been looking into different DAWS to accomplish my musical journey more or less. One of them would have been Abelton for quite some time (since I already had the lite version of it, yet never explored its full potential).

While I am all about sharing my experience, you may know me from Youtube (as being hydlide24, or otherwise since I have around 19 different YT channels out there). But since I am now an official registered user (since I didn't really register the user itself while having lite 8, because it came with a serial) I thought I would just proper introduce myself.

The major reasons why I got the full package for myself is basically because I wanted everything in one big swoop. I am really enthusiastic about a feature like Max4Life. I would love to play around with the Granulator II (since I have seen some demo videos about it, and they are pretty sweet). Also, the integration about the LaunchPad and throwing this against Abelton gives me shivers (in a positive way). I also see a lot of potential regarding exploring my sound design techniques and having my midi keyboard (finally) support all 8 rotaries out of the box without any hassle. And the list basically goes on.

While I am all about 'creative' techniques, I usually vlog about those as well. So you might see me post some stuff about these things as well while my journey continues (as I made 700+ videos in the past over a period of 7 years). And personally, I think it will be a rough ride at first (since I just have to think differently on how to produce things), but in the end, I see the potential there that I have no limitations on creating my music.

Best regards,
Edwin van der Heide
Aka Hydlide

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Re: Hi from the Netherlands!

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Re: Hi from the Netherlands!

Post by miyaru » Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:50 am

Hallo Edwin,

Lot's of fun hanging round here at the forum!!!!!
Greetings from Miyaru.

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