Ambient 'Spacey control' machine...?

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Se torsken
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Ambient 'Spacey control' machine...?

Post by Se torsken » Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:28 pm

Hi all

My first posting in here, (though I've been here quite a few times googling stuff).
I'm still a novice with much to learn and I love spending time in Live 10 making music or just creating soundscapes.

In the quest of an Max for Live device that musically can do a lot of evolving changes of parameters over a set time (LFO's etc controling: volume, pan, 'swells' envelopes, wet/dry in a reverb/delay or other know, stuff that's cool for making ambient music -controlled randomness so to speak. Making pads come alive with swells (self ocillations) -make field recordings/samples with layers of parameters evolve beautifully . You get the pichure.

So I just downloaded an older Max for Live drum machine device: sbx 2049 by Skinnerbox, cause it has this cool rather large full random mode of parameters, with a timer control. I was hoping to be able to use this for the above mentioned. But it seems locked to the drums and sequencer in the device itself.
Any advice here?

I see there is some offerings that may be suitable for what I want, but like I said this is new to me and I really would like such an evolving sound machine device that is musical and not too complicated to use. (I get a bit put off by too many knobs and buttons with millions of options.. :lol:
I find there is so many crazy Max devices that does interesting stuff, but they're not as musical.
Of course there must be something cool that e.g. to control Echo or Wavetable in such a way or a third party VST delay..?

Any advice from Sound designers and lovers of Drones and Ambient soundscapes out there? What is the Max 4 Live device that equals the Death Star control room..? :lol:

Thanks in advance

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