First songs from my new music sheet application

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First songs from my new music sheet application

Post by Spillby » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:04 pm

Hi all

I'm working on creating a new music sheet application. There are probably lots of existing applications I could use, but I like to do things myself. I'm writing it in Visual Studio with C#, and I plan to put it for download on the web when it's finished. If it ever will be.

But even if it's not ready for publication yet, it's ready enough for me to start making music in it. I have used the application to make MIDI files, and then imported the MIDI files into Live. These are the two first songs I made in the application.

The Sea
This is based on a melody I wrote when I was a kid. It's only four strings, and no vocals. The instrument I'm using here is from the free Studio Instrument Suite which is bundled with Cakewalk by Bandlab. I've been wondering if I could improve this song by using the Orchestral Strings pack by Ableton instead, but I only have Live Standard, and as far as I know there is no way to test the packs before you buy them. But I think this instrument sound quite good allready, so I don't know if I need the pack.

Stor som en kiwi
The next one is a very short song with just one verse. The vocal is in Norwegian, and the title translates to "Big as a kiwi". Here I actually had two more instruments in the original MIDI file. I thought these two instruments sounded good in the MIDI file (while playing on Windows Media Player), but when I imported it into Live it became too much. I'm pretty new to music production, and I wasn't able to mix them in. So I just removed them. But I don't miss them, however, and maybe the song is better whithout them after all.

Both songs are mastered by Bandlab's free web service.

As I said, I'm pretty new to music production, and I know that my songs are far from perfect. So It would be nice if you have an advice on how I can improve my music. Whether it's melodies, arrangments, singing, mixing, room threatment or something else. I'm looking for advice on everything which can make my music better :)

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