Bulk sales of Live licenses is not allowed.

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Please read the License FAQ before buying or selling a Live License: http://www.ableton.com/pages/faq/license
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Bulk sales of Live licenses is not allowed.

Post by [erm] » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:33 am

Recently there have been a few people attempting to sell many, many licenses of Ableton Suite for prices far below the price that we normally see here. In most cases these license numbers are generated fraudulently, or come from bundles with our hardware intended to be sold as packages, not individually. This will not be allowed on the Ableton forums.

The "For Sale / Wanted" forum is intended to help facilitate individual sales between 1 user to another user. Anyone we think is attempting to sell Ableton Live licenses fraudulently will be banned permanently from the forums. As always, buyer beware.
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