2 midi devices on 1 usb port ?

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2 midi devices on 1 usb port ?

Post by Dogchasingcars » Fri Oct 02, 2020 9:18 pm

Sup guys,

I was wondering, why is the help section closed ? I always thought this was a nice place for folks to help each other out.

Don't mean to break the rules but does anyone know if it is possible to connect 2 midi devices on one usb port (macbook pro 2015) with an usb hub ?
I have the push 2 and a korg usb keyboard, somehow when I connect them both nothing works.

At the moment I have disconnected push 2 and have only the midi keyboard connected straight to the mac, but it doesnt work. See screenshot.
What am I doing wrong.
Thanks Image

Whenever I push a key, on the right top side of ableton I do see a midi signal indicator lighting up but no sound.
edit 2:
computer keyboard (wich is turned on by pressing M, doesnt seem to work either. When keys are pressed, midi light indicates but no sound )

edit 3, final edit.
Issue solved, my track was not armed.

Yes I'm new, dont judge :lol:

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