dilemna with pattr interpolation and live automation

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dilemna with pattr interpolation and live automation

Post by schlam » Tue Dec 22, 2020 3:39 pm

I made a m4L patch controlling external synths. with 250 live.dials.
These live.dials values are stored in a pattrstorage because I mainly use the recallmulti function to morph between parameters. Every thing is working perfectly.
I have two versions of my patch to perform some test:
all the 250 live.dials are "invisibles to mapping" and with "visibility hidden" but the fader controlling the recallmulti of the pattrstorage is "visible to mapping" and "automated and stored.
So I only record the automation of my fader and when I record something, the interpolation is correctly recorded and looped and very smooth while recording and playing. The downside is that I cannot map or automate some of the live.dials separatly...
,The fader controlling the recallmulti is "invisible to mapping" and with "visibility hidden", and the live.dials are "visible to mapping" and "automated and stored".
In this case, it's really each live.dial which is automated. And I can automate each live.dial separatly..
...BUT, impossible to record a clear automation. Once I load the "session record" or a clip recording, Live is lagging a lot, freezes, become unstable, when I hit Stop I have to wait fews seconds for Live to be responsive again, but, the automation will be correctly looped. It's not usable.
Both situation made the same automation at the end, smooth etc..
but case A, is smooth during recording and playing but no automation of individual parameter
case B is smooth only for playing and not for recording, but I can automate individual live.dial..
Is there a way to have benefits of the two solution ?
So, I decided to try some thing.
The case A is loaded when I start the live set,
Just before trigering the session record button or a clip recording, I send message with [universal] to all the 250 live.dials to tell them to doesn't be visible to mapping and do not be automatable anymore,then and I just record the automation of the recallmulti fader. When the recording is playing, I send the opposite messages to all the live.dial to me visible to mapping and automatable again.
Changing attribute of the 250 live.dial and the recallmulti fader with [universal] is working (I can see in the inspector windows that attributes are correctly changing) but Live doesn't change their behaviours..
So, I tried to send a quick device on / device off before changing the attribute but it's not working...
I tried to play with the "defer automation output" function and "update limit values", but I didn't find good values for my problem.
Some one can point me an idea ?
Maybe I am doing something wrong.
Automating 250 values smoothly is really a too much work for live ?

What is very frustrating is that changing 250 values very quickly and smooting is possible with pattrstorage. but after that changing only one value is not possible anymore...

Thank you !!

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Re: dilemna with pattr interpolation and live automation

Post by schlam » Fri Jan 01, 2021 3:13 pm

Up ?
Any idea ?

Happy new year!

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