Alternative to Collections-Colors for Organizing

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Alternative to Collections-Colors for Organizing

Post by spanktron » Mon Dec 28, 2020 11:37 am

Hey everyone.
Hope everyone is healthy.

Ok so i love the colors option cause it helps me organize but what i greatly miss and really don`t understand how this is never been added yet
is instead of colors just have the freedom to create "Category Folders" in which we can then do whatever we like.

Like Folders for
Delay FX
Mastering Specific Plugins
Mono Synths
Poly Synths.
etc, etc , sky is the limit.

Why is that not possible in Live yet? I understand that colors look nice and all but having to be restricted because "there are only so many colors before they look confusing" is a weird reason. I mean "letters" help in this case , don`t they. Why does it have to be Color bound?
And yes i`ve used the "alias custom vst folder" trick but at some point i realised how much easier it is to drag and drop while working instead of creating aliases etc etc

I know i am not the only one who wants this. Is there some technical barrier that wont allow this or why is it not implemented already?


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