First uploaded hip hop beat

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First uploaded hip hop beat

Post by ellteaargh » Tue Sep 19, 2023 4:39 am

Hey guys Ableton users,

This is my first upload using ableton, not the first time using it though it might sound like it. It's just something where I put a timer on my phone to see how long it took to pump out one track because i fiddle around with the program so many times and never actually get anywhere with loads of project files to delete.

So I took an arturia microfreak to uni and my laptop and finished this in two hours. Today I watched a video by infected mushrooms about some techniques they used producing music and I might mimic a few things they did and see how the outcome is. I'm not keyed in to any particular genre of music, i find that hiphop has a simple format so i figured i'd start there.

I feel quite committed to bringing my standard a lot higher and having a few songs that I can show different people and places as a part of my workflow, so if you can crit it anyway you see fit, then go ahead :)


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