Sudden, very short, very random cpu spikes

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Re: Sudden, very short, very random cpu spikes

Post by Calagan » Wed Nov 29, 2023 4:25 pm

hum hum...
Actually, my CPU spikes could come from some bloody Plugin Alliance plugins (in particular Black Box HG2-MS)...
They did some stupide update recently that were supposed to fix some issues with AU plugins and they did bring some more issues with all versions...

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Re: Sudden, very short, very random cpu spikes

Post by Nrk12345 » Wed Jan 24, 2024 12:03 am

I bought a £1400 MSI laptop last January for use with my live set and up until a few weeks ago, it was performing fine, with no apparent issues.

I had gigs in November and December and played both sets without issue, however, for no apparent reason my laptop has become a complete disaster when using Ableton in any way, shape or form.

Even on a session with literally 1 midi clip playing an external synth, the CPU load within Ableton sits at about 2% for 10 or 15 seconds then starts to randomly spike, jumping up to 22%, 30%, 18% etc etc.... each time glitching the audio and messing up Ableton's clock.

It is an absolute nightmare as I can't perform the most basic of tasks within Ableton now, let alone play an hour long live set.

I uninstalled recent Windows 11 updates, uninstalled Ableton and re-installed it, then un-installed it again and re-installed a previous version, in case a recent update caused the issue. No joy, still a mess to use.

I removed all plugins, no change, I uninstalled all of my Adobe software (not that I expected that to have any affect) and no change, still hugely problematic. Updated my Motu Ultralite MK5, no joy.

I spoke to a friend who said that I should have gone with a Macbook instead of another PC laptop and I may not have run into such issues. Feeling so frustrated and exhausted at trying to get to the bottom of this, seems mad that my laptop somehow can't cope with playing back a midi file and monitoring the audio within loads of glitching, even at 1024 buffer size.

Here are my laptop specs;

12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700H 2.70 GHz
16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Absolutely fed up :cry:

Any help much appreciated!

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