Online Courses : Ableton Live + Mixing & Mastering ++

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Da hand
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Online Courses : Ableton Live + Mixing & Mastering ++

Post by Da hand » Sun Mar 03, 2024 6:17 pm

Hello Everyone!

I would like to introduce you to my online school - ONO ED.

I fully realize that people learn in many different ways and they are all valid ways of learning - absolutely! However, if you are looking for a structured live online courses where you can ask questions and get feedback, then please consider my courses. I have had been developing and teaching all the audio courses (including Ableton Live) at the SAT in person in Montreal previously for the past 15 years (teaching 50-80 students per year) and now I have my own online school.

ONO ED offers the following courses:

Introduction to DJing *
Introduction to Ableton Live
Introduction to Synthesizers (with VCV Rack and free VSTs)
Mixing & Mastering 1
Mixing & Mastering 2
Studio Acoustics, Monitors and Headphones (Your Listening Environment)

* Already on progress for this semester.

The Ableton Live course starts soon - March 4 and 5 !

All courses are offered in English and in French, with Canadian and European timetables.

Looking forward to seeing you in my courses!

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