Controlling M4L devices and VSTs on Push controller

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Controlling M4L devices and VSTs on Push controller

Post by fivefloral » Sat Apr 20, 2024 7:18 pm

I don't own a Push and haven't been able to find a solid answer for this anywhere yet. My question is regarding Push 3 controller, not standalone.

How do you control VSTs and M4L devices? Do you have to first either assign params to one of the 16 macros or open the Configure window and click on params in order you want to access them? Then I suppose you have simple param names and value dials in the Push GUI? Is that the workflow and result or is there something else?

Are there any VSTs or M4L devices that have a more native-like GUI and param integration like the native Live instruments and effects do? What about the included M4L devices, or "kind-of" native M4L devices like Granulator 3? Or do you have to configure all of them yourself like I discussed above?

If anyone has a link to an article or, better yet, a video covering this I would appreciate it. And again, I'm only concerned with the controller version, not standalone. I don't care about trying to use Push standalone.

Thank you.

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