French Max Certified Trainer Announcement :-)

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French Max Certified Trainer Announcement :-)

Post by julienb » Wed May 15, 2024 12:31 pm

Hi there,

After about 20 years programming with Max environment for my own creation work, but also for people, and after about 15 years of teaching, after 14 years since my Ableton certification, a small message here to say hello to friends & other folks here, and that I'm so happy to announce that I have just been certified by Cycling '74 as Max Certified Trainer :

Happy to be Max + Ableton Certified Trainer now.

Thanks again to Cycling '74 for having made this possible.

We are opening training sessions each month online + onsite simultaneously, mainly in French, but can be English on demand.

Here are June ones:
- Ableton Live : 3 to 7 June / 5 days
- Max : 10 to 14 + 17 to 19 / 8 Days
- Max for Live (required to have followed Max) : 27 to 28 June / 2 Days

More informations:
- Ableton Live : EN / FR
- Max : EN / FR
- Max for Live : EN / FR

And always reachable at :

Constantly using Max and Max for Live for anything, from sound design to data processing, through data visualization or sonification, and more, I performed live using it, designed A/V sound installations, for myself, and for other artists too through Structure Void.

Julien Bayle
Art + Teaching/Consulting

Ableton Certified Trainer
Max Certified Trainer

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